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What I drew at PAX East by KitsuneSama1720
What I drew at PAX East
So I worked with Elms College at PAX East again this year! and this was one of the things I drew on the tablet. xD PAX was really fun this year, we got a lot of people to draw on the tablets! Everyone was so talented! It seriously blew my mind! I hope everyone else that went had just as much fun as I did! ^-^

Also just to throw out there this is Alvin from Tales of Xillia. He's one of my fav tales of characters. *-*
Crappy late night doodles Part dos by KitsuneSama1720
Crappy late night doodles Part dos
YOU GUYS. I FINISHED PAYING OFF THAT STUPID DEBT IN THIS GAME. I DID IT. 20,000,000 GALD. 135 HOURS. I'M SO DONE WITH THIS GAME. (Not really cause I found out there's a fifth ending and I kinda wanna get it after getting the first four- *shot*)
Anyway, I've been playing this game since August, and I really freaking love it, and I never really got around to drawing the main character ...or rather when I did I hated it. xD But anyway I was pretty happy with how this came out so I'm posting it. ^-^ Though the coloring is pretty lazy but it's 3AM and I'm tired. lol
Crappy Late Night Doodle by KitsuneSama1720
Crappy Late Night Doodle
It's almost 2am what's wrong with me. Just a little while ago I had a really bad urge to draw a guilty gear character, but it's super late and I'm waaaay to tired to do anything else with it beyond sketching. xD So here you go, a crappy Sol Badguy sketch! 
I'm going to bed, g'nite!
My Campaign Character by KitsuneSama1720
My Campaign Character
This is my Mutants and Masterminds character for a campaign my friend is doing. It's her first time DMing but I know she'll do super well. ^-^ I'm still new myself, Iv'e only played a few D&D, Pathfinder, and Dread games so far. So this is my first Mutants campaign I think lol. 
I named her Alina Asclepius, I didn't think that over till just now. XD Alina means kind, and Asclepius is the roman god of medicine. I named her that ironically because her power is poison control. I'm going to play her with the intention that she hates her powers because poison only hurts others. Maybe that'll change throughout the campaign? Who knowwwws. Also I think I need to come up with a super hero name for her....................................................................
Holy crap Idk how I just came up with that. o.o
Is that lame? Idk who cares I guess lol XD
anyway yeah that's it with that.
Also if you noticed I did the water color thing again cuz it's still fun to color that way. xD

Just if anyone was curious... >w<
So we started our campaign recently and it went super well! I'm having so much fun so far, I didn't want to even stop! My friend is doing an amazing job DMing.
So one thing prior to playing, they had asked me what her back story was, and me not planning this out prior ended up making something up on the spot. XD So to add to the whole last name, I had added that Alina's mother is a descendant of the Roman God Asclepius, while her father is a human scientist working in what our game knows as Freedom City. Her mother is a widely known hero who is well known for her healing capabilities, but ironically had Alina who has poison control. Because of this Alina is always fearful of hurting someone and isn't really too fond of her powers. But she finds herself attending Clairmont Academy in order to learn and have better control of her powers.

So the way we ended up setting her up is we mixed elemental control with corosion so she would have poison control through touch only. (For now, we are going to add blast and stuff once I level up xD) Also she can't quite fly yet, but she will soon enough. (My DM said she'd give my character a really cool moment when she learns she can fly so I'm really excited!) Also in the middle of game I added a few other quirks to her personality and such: so every time she eats, the food involves something that would otherwise be poisonous or deadly to a normal person. (Did I forget to mention she has the ability set for immune to poison? No I don't think I did lol) So she'll be eating things like raw puffer fish, or holly berries etc. and when she isn't eating something that is poisonous she intentionally poisons it to taste better. And because they are in a school setting, mid game during an English class, when the class was asked what types of literature they had enjoyed or what their favorite was, I had raised my hand and said "Hamlet". (And if you don't understand why that is ironic and funny I suggest you go read up on some Shakespeare xD)

Also btw I have commissions open now, so if anyone is interested go here:
Commissions Open!!!
Commissions Open!!! by KitsuneSama1720
Commissions Open!!!
Ok so iv'e been asked a lot if I ever do commissions and I never really officially did them, but now I'm going to start! ^-^ I had to work through a lot of kinks to get it all set up but everything seems to be in order now. So if you are going to make a request please read all the rules, it'll benefit not only myself but you in the long run as well! If you have any questions feel free to message me!


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Hi! Sorry about the late reply, Iv'e been working a lot recently and haven't had time to check my DA. OTL
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